Tanktop Master is the S-Class Rank 16 professional hero of the Hero Association. He is the leader of the Tank Topper Army.

Appearance: Edit

Tanktop Master is a tall, and very muscular man with short, dark-blonde hair and brown eyes. He wears a blue tank top, long pants, and a belt around his waist with his initials and a tank top engraved on the buckle.

Personality: Edit

Tanktop Master has a chivalrous nature, which can be seen when he noted that even if Tatsumaki is ranked 2nd, he should not let a "little girl" handle the enemies on her own, despite the fact that Tatsumaki is actually an adult. He is also unafraid to admit defeat, for example, when he was outclassed by Tatsumaki with her psychic powers during the encounter of Dark Matter Thieves aircraft.

He is a very caring, wise man with honour and pride, and has a great affinity for his brothers and other heroes. This is in contrast to some of his Tanktop brothers, such as Tanktop Tiger and Tanktop Black Hole, who are shown to be very vainglorious and greedy. Additionally, he does not approve of his tank tops disrespectful behaviour, and scolded them when they were rude towards Bang. Despite his willingness to admit defeat, he was still irked when Saitama said Tanktop Master "got his ass kicked the hardest".

Tanktop Master has an odd belief that true power comes from tanktops, as seen when he observes Bang dominating Metal Bat in their sparring match, he concludes that the secret to Bang's power is that he has a tanktop hidden underneath. However, this belief changes after being defeated by Garou.

Powers and Abilities: Edit

Tanktop Master, as an S-Class hero, is one of the strongest heroes in the association as well as one of the physically strongest men on the planet. In his fight with Garou, who was able to defeat elite A-Class heroes with ease, he was able to not only harm Garou but hold the upper hand against the martial artist for the beginning and middle of the fight before being overpowered by his techniques. It was stated by Garou that Tanktop Master's physical strength equalled that of Genos.

  • Immense Strength: Tanktop Master possesses great physical ability. Tanktop Master claims that he has more "tanktop power" than all of the Tanktop army combined. His incredible strength is once again shown when he lifts and throws a transmission tower through the air at incredible speed with no difficulty, amazing the other heroes standing nearby with such a performance.
  • Immense Durability: Tanktop Master has a high level of durability, requiring Garou to resort to using Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist to defeat him. He was able to stay up after taking multiple hits from Garou, whereas his fellow tanktop army was defeated by single hits from the Hero Hunter.
  • Enhanced Senses: While fighting Garou, Tanktop Master was able to sense evil intentions from him.
  • Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Tanktop Master apparently mastered the 'versatility' of the Tanktop, which he, according to his brothers, uses to increase the power of his attacks. His style of fighting consists of several punches and wrestling moves. However, as Garou evaluates, Tanktop Master mainly relies on power rather than technique.

Powers - Tanktop Magic: Edit

  • Tanktop Magic: Admitted by Tanktop Master himself, he uses this to perform his superhuman feats.

Fighting Techniques: Edit

  • Tanktop Blow : Tanktop Master spins to build up momentum and strikes the ground with tremendous force to unbalance and distract his opponent.
  • Tanktop Tackle: Tanktop Master charges at his opponent, bulling them over with folded arms. This attack is strong enough to blow a low-level monster a far distance away even when Tanktop Master is injured. According to the Tank Topper Army, this move has defeated many monsters.
  • Tanktop Punch: A seemingly normal punch, although, according to the Tank Topper Army, his tanktop's "versatility" doubles its power

Equipment: Edit

  • Tanktop: Tanktop Master wears a dull blue tanktop during training and battle, claiming it boosts his strength. It is unknown if this claim is actually true.
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