Homura Momiji is a female from japan who was petrified and later on revived to live in the post-petrification world. She acts as the right-hand woman of Hyoga in Tsukasa's army.

Appearance: Edit

Homura is a skinny female with long pink hair. As for clothing, Homura is dressed in a leather skirt with a white fur trim. On her head she wears a feathered and ruffled headpiece. Homura also has a crack on her leg, meaning that she was revived using the Stone Formula, and is a pre-petrification human.

Personality: Edit

Not much is shown of her personality. However, she has shown strong loyalty towards Hyoga whom it is implied she has romantic feelings for. She will complete her task regardless of how arduous it is, such as watching over the Ishigami village by herself. She is cautious, observant, and intelligent, managing to remember the names and faces of all the villagers during her lookout. 

She also demonstrated caution when Senku offered her cotton candy, though relented and ate some. Despite having little physical strength, her speed and gymnastic ability make up for it, making her a difficult opponent to catch.

She is rather competent and can be merciless like Hyoga, at one point managing to burn the entire Ishigami Village while Hyoga and his forces distracted them. However, Senku suggests she is not fully evil and can be converted to their side with enough effort (though so far it hasn't been successful as she is still loyal to Hyoga).

Strengths: Edit

  • Hyoga has great trust in Homura's skills, having made her into his right-hand.

Physical Abilities: Edit

Like Kohaku, Homura is very fast and agile. She is highly skilled in gymnastics and able to dodge Kohaku's strikes with ease.

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